Always be happy, smiling, kind, in good health, have money in abundance and:

Get a Emotiv Epoc that I can have on when i sleep.

Find get a professional to compare my readings with.

Do EEG readings under deep hypnotic trance.


Courses I like to go to:

Dr. Bruce Goldberg Past & Future Lifes

Brian L. Weiss M.D.  Mind-Body Connection

Eric Pearl Reconnective Healing

Dr. Len Horowitz

The Monroe Institute


And some day try:

The Spirit Molecule DMT

Rick Strassman, M.D.

Since I'm half in dreamland most of the time and start to get visions / hypnagogic hallucinations / lucid dreams,

when I close my eyes and relax. So I just as well do it all the way.


What have I trued:

The Silva Method 8+ times, first time in 1996

The Silva Method plus something 2001

Paul McKenna Advanced hypnosis and personal power 1998

Paul McKenna and Michael Breen Nlp Practitioner 1998 and where helper on the next course.

Jacob Strachotta Hypnotherapist 2007


Please Donate

I need a mental kick.
Please donate, so I can get my brain scanned and take some hypnosis courses.

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