delta brain waves

and why I am always tired, why I have to sleep so many hours, and never feel rested. Is it idiopathic hypersomnia, non-REM narcolepsy, narcolepsy, ADD or just because my brain have a lot to process.

I can only tell about my own experiences about living with a "disease" which nobody has heard of, but apart from that they, just think that you should just pull your self together and that they would think it would be nice to be able sleep late.But surely it is understandable that they have the view that sleep is indeed a great thing, that means you can be ready for a new day's challenges, or is it! For me, sleep is a horror, try to imagine:

  • you are always 100 times more tired when you "wake up" than when you fall asleep.
  • that you feel more dead than alive, when you get up.
  • you never know if there is a tomorrow, you don't know if you are going to sleep 10, 20 or 40 hours.
  • you do not have any self control, that you don't know what you will do, if there is anyone who tries to wake you up.
  • That your head is sleeping for 8 hours after getting up, no matter how much strong coffee you drink.
  • that you can not tell the difference between dream and reality when being woken up and not remember that anyone has tried to wake you.
  • you never can make appointments, because you know that you probably can not keep them.
  • that you are unable to convince anyone that there's something wrong with you.
  • that you can not live alone because you will sleep all day and you can not live with anyone because it will ruin their lives.

These are just some of what I have struggled with the last 20 years I tried over the years a lot of various antidepressants, which just made things worse. I've had it really bad for many years, but it need not be so that one can't be happy, even if you sleep a lot!


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